Look – See

India Relocations believes this is the foremost important while relocating. Your all decisions regarding settling in new city depends on correct and familiarization of the city you are going to make your home. Our coordinators will discuss with you and identify your taste, lifestyle, necessity and will provide tailor made programme. We give some of the points we consider while making program for you.

  • Where is your work place and work timings?
  • How many children you have and where they are going to sturdy
  • Whether the spouse is currently working and gains the work timings.
  • Your cultural and socializing taste and needs.
  • Your choice of proximity whether you need parks, apartments, houses, swimming pool etc. etc.
  • Your preference in terms of your driving time to your or spouse office.
  • The time required for your children to reach their schools or college, you get drivers easily but important is know how many hours you expect your child to be traveling.
  • Other people of your country origin.

Considering all above our counsellor will take you around and show you areas of city, markets, schools, office areas, leisure areas, health clubs, golf course, medical facilities. Our counsellor will also get you test ride to access driving time between certain places. Our counsellor will also familiarize you with Indian customs, systems, and etiquette. Do and Don’ts.

Settling in Services

Settling down in a new city can be a very depressing activity but we at Indian Relocations want to make it an absolutely exciting and enjoyable experience. We want you to feel at home even at a new home with the hospitality that we offer you to settle down.

We provide the following services in helping you settle down:

  • Brief introduction of the country and the city you are moving to.
  • Introduction to the culture of the city.
  • Providing services of house help, driver, cook, baby sitter etc depending upon your budget and need,
  • Community integration to ensure family is familiar and comfortable with new house and surroundings.
  • Health care recommendation
  • Shopping and retailing including trips to nearby stores and familiarizing with basic shopping outlets for necessities and shopping.
  • Assistance in procurement of Household Goods, furniture appliances, food, personal effects etc for help in setting up the new home.
  • Help in opening account in a bank in the neighbourhood locality.
  • Understanding the work etiquette of the city.
  • Tips on maintaining and handling life.
  • Introduction to various activity clubs for social interaction and starting a healthy social life.
  • For any queries and information please email at: info@pmrelocations.com

Repatriation Program

Why is Coming Home Sometimes Difficult?

Often, we assume that returning home will be a positive and easy experience compared to transferring overseas. Your employees know the location, they are returning to a familiar work and national culture and they will be moving back to social and work networks. However, the reality is often different. Changes to both work and society may present a very different environment to the one they left behind.

The work experiences they have been focused on may have provided greater challenge and complexity than the job they are returning to, utilizing few of the skills they may have developed while overseas. Research shows that most returned expatriates seriously consider leaving their organizations in the year after their return and many do so. Retention of returning expatriates is a significant issue especially in regard to skills and knowledge transfer and ROI. Cultural Transitions provides repatriation programs which focuses on the following:

  • Examine issues of readjustment and to explore ways of dealing with them.
  • Identify personal and professional changes that have occurred during their international assignment
  • Anticipate and make provisions for the impact of these changes during their readjustment period
  • Develop constructive plans for adjusting and becoming more effective at work
  • Identify relationship and family issues which may impact on the repatriation process
  • Support spouses and partners in the repatriation process including the provision of career transition programs to facilitate return to the workforce or development of additional skills.

Disconnect Services

When it’s time to go we will make sure you are packed up and everything signed off.

Our Disconnect Services package provides our clients with peace of mind in coordinating the logistical details involved with property handover and employee transition. Services included in this package can be tailored individually and include:

  • Provide detailed planning checklist for departure
  • Removals Management
  • Management: Lease Break, or finalisation
  • Facilitate return of Bond, Co-ordinate utility disconnections and final payment
  • Arrangements for: travel, airport transfers and temporary accommodation
  • Co-ordinate Final Taxation Briefing
  • Security briefing (if applicable)
  • Mail forwarding
  • Lease termination and associated documentation;
  • Termination/transfer of utilities and return on deposit of utilities;
  • Tenant/client walkthrough of property and complete check-out inspection;
  • Arrange for professional cleaning if necessary;
  • Coordination of third party services (carpenters/painters/plumbers/handymen);
  • Negotiate damages, claims and arrange for return of deposit;
  • Assistance with moving and packing of goods.

NRI Services

While we take care of your work in INDIA you can sit back and relax. India Relocations has been set up keeping this very motto in mind. We at India Relocations along with our team of trained staff, extend a whole range of essential services to all who are in need of them.

We are on a mission to make the Life of NRI that is you, easier by providing you professional service for all your diverse day to day issues and other routine issues in India. To make your holidays in India actual holidays by cutting away the time wasted in running around to get documentation work done, immigration work etc. and make your holidays stress free and enjoyable because that's what a vacation is meant to be. Like you, we'd like to spare your family from running pillar to post to get the documents they need. We realize you're worried about them waiting in Government Departments or dealing with officials to get your documents. Our Relationship Managers handle everything from birth certificates to ration cards covering all mundane activities and paper work with ease.

Tax Consultancy

India Relocations offers a comprehensive range of Tax Consultancy Services for individuals and corporate including income Tax Consultancy Services, Sales Tax Consultancy Services, Professional Tax Consultancy Services. India Relocations has tie up with some of best tax-consultant in India with a sole purpose of providing excellent advices relating to Income Tax, Professional Tax, Sales Tax, Non-Resident Indian Taxation and FEMA & Value Added Tax (VAT).

Tax Residence Categories

Expats will fall into one of three tax residence categories in India. These categories are the primary criterion used to determine what income a person must pay tax on - their worldwide income or the income accruing and arising in India.

  • Resident and Ordinarily Resident (ROR)
  • Resident but Not Ordinarily Resident (RNOR)
  • Non Resident (NR)

Types of taxes in India

1) Direct Tax

Income Tax Act

Wealth Tax Act

Gift Tax Act

Expenditure Tax Act

Interest Tax Act

2) Indirect Tax

Sales Tax

Service Tax

-GST - Goods and Service Tax

Value Added Tax

Custom duty & Octroi

Excise Duty

3) Other Taxes

Professional Tax

Property Tax - Municipal Tax

Entertainment Tax

Stamp Duty, Registration Fees, Transfer Tax

Education Cess/Surcharge

Gift Tax

Wealth Tax

Toll Tax & Road Tax

Swachh Bharat Cess

Krishi Kalyan Cess

Infrastructure Cess

Entry Tax