Moving to Delhi

A dynamic view of Delhi's cityscape, where historic monuments harmonize with modern urban life.
Stepping into Delhi’s embrace – a city that whispers tales of bygone eras while pulsating with the rhythm of contemporary living.

Introduction- Moving to Delhi

India’s capital city, has an uncanny ability to instantly feel like home, even if you are moving to Delhi from thousands of miles away. From the aromatic street food that greets you at every corner to the infectious warmth of locals wishing visitors with hands joined in a namaste, Delhi envelops you in its multi-hued arms and makes you its own.

The city leaves indelible impressions through its towering monuments carrying tales of bygone eras to colorful bazaars mirroring India’s diversity while simultaneously welcoming newcomers to craft their own experiences. So be prepared for your plans to explore Delhi to be interrupted by the Delhi that wants to explore you, too!

As you gear up for this mutual discovery, let us make your moving to Delhi plan go smooth and stress-free while you soak in the sights, sounds, and soul of Dilli. Through this handy guide, get useful insights into Delhi’s climate, iconic attractions, relocation tips, and how we make your entry into this potpourri of old and new as pleasant as the blooming Lodhi Gardens in spring!

Delhi’s Climate

Delhi experiences a humid subtropical climate consisting of hot summers from April to July, monsoons from July to October, and winter months from November to March. The average summer temperature is 30° to 40°C, with it sometimes crossing 45°C in extreme heatwaves. Monsoon brings heavy rains and flooding around July-September. The winter has temperatures between 12°C to 25°C during the day with colder nights. Delhi’s climate diversity means you’ll experience everything from scorching summers to winter fog. Have necessary clothing for the season during relocation.

Iconic Places to Explore

Delhi is a history and culture hub of India brimming with architectural marvels like Red Fort, Qutub Minar, and grand monuments telling tales of powerful empires. Jama Masjid is the largest mosque in India, built with red sandstone and white marble. Lotus Temple impresses with its stunning flower-like design. For stunning bird views, head to Okhla Bird Sanctuary, teeming with 400+ species. Little lanes of Hauz Khas Village offer boutique shops, food stalls, and breathtaking views of ruin. And one who is moving to Delhi can not stop him falling in love with the city.

Things to Do in Delhi

The capital city never falls short of vibrant things for new residents to do! Go back in time to the opulent Mughal Gardens. Fill your senses with colors at vibrant Dilli Haat craft bazaars and indulge in street shopping at the popular Sarojini Nagar marketConnaught Place is the heart of Delhi that dazzles with colonial architecture. Explore Delhi’s vibrant food scene – from butter chicken to chaat papdi at roadside stalls! Take a fun metro ride around Delhi’s historical and cultural sites on the HoHo bus hop-on hop-off service. Delhi keeps you entertained 24/7!

Why Delhi is So Famous

Delhi is the National capital where old heritage and modernity blend flawlessly. Tracing back to the Indraprastha era of Mahabharata, Delhi has remained the political and commercial center of power in India through centuries under many dynasties. Delhi drives India’s economy and culture as a land of opportunities, dreams, and multicultural diversity. From mouth-watering street food to vibrant festivals to the trademark “Dilliwala” welcoming warmth, there’s much that makes Delhi one of the most famous cosmopolitan cities loved by locals and expats alike!

Relocating Tips

With these tips your moving to Delhi will go smoothly:

  • Hire packers like India Relocations for safe transport of household goods
  • Do proper rental home research in the preferred neighborhood
  • Get most utility connections in place beforehand
  • Open a bank account right after arrival for convenience
  • Apply for PAN/Aadhaar card for access facilities
  • Install air purifier at home to tackle seasonal pollution
  • Carry enough warm clothing for the winter months
  • Download metro and public transport apps for commute
  • Learn basic Hindi phrases to ease social interactions

Delhi welcomes you with open arms but also needs to get used to it. Stay prudent with safety and health while enjoying new experiences that Delhi offers in abundance to residents.

Make Your Relocation Stress-Free with India Relocations

As Delhi’s top relocation experts with years of experience, we ease your move to Delhi and any Indian city through customized services for home/office shifting, storage, vehicle transport, and value-added assistance. Trust us to make your move happy and hassle-free while you focus on enjoying your new life in India’s heart – Dilli!

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