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Aerial view of Cyber City in Gurgaon
Explore the futuristic skyline of Cyber City as you prepare to move to Gurgaon

Introduction- Moving to Gurgaon

Moving to Gurgaon, that officially known as Gurugram, is a fast-growing city located in the Indian state of Haryana. Over the last few decades, Gurgaon has developed into one of India’s most prominent financial and industrial hubs, with the third-highest per capita income in the country. Several multinational companies have offices in Gurgaon due to its skilled workforce, good infrastructure, and its proximity to Delhi. This blog post will provide an overview of moving to Gurgaon to help you decide if relocation here is the right choice for you.


After moving to Gurgaon, you get to feel the city has a humid subtropical climate with very hot summers and cool winters. Summers last from early April to June, with temperatures rising over 40°C on some days. Monsoons arrive in late June and provide some relief from the heat. October to February constitutes winter in Gurgaon, with temperatures dropping to an average low of 7°C. The most pleasant time in Gurgaon is during spring (February – March) and autumn (September-November). Knowledge of the extreme climate is essential to make necessary preparations when relocating here.

Places to Explore After Moving to Gurgaon

Despite being an industrial hub, moving to Gurgaon offers many interesting tourist attractions. Kingdom of Dreams is a famous theatrical cultural center that brings to life a blend of India’s art, heritage, cuisine, and performing arts. The Raahgiri event transforms key roads into open public spaces on Sundays, offering various fun activities. Cyber Hub and DLF Mall of India are popular hangout places bustling with top-notch restaurants and retail stores. There are also serene locations in the city, like the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Damdama Lake, and Leisure Valley Park, which offer peaceful natural settings.

What to Do After Moving to Gurgaon

From a professional standpoint, moving to Gurgaon, you get to know that the city is home to many world-renowned companies spanning various industries like finance, technology, consulting, automobiles, etc. Job-seekers can explore ample career opportunities catering to different qualifications and skill sets. With excellent international schools and urban comforts, Gurgaon is also ideal for raising a family. Leisure activities involve:

  • Checking out trendy cafes and lounges.
  • Fine dining at luxury restaurants.
  • Catching movies at state-of-the-art multiplexes or retail therapy across glitzy malls and markets.

Active recreation choices entail golfing, rock climbing, go-karting, and cycling on dedicated tracks.

Why Gurgaon is Famous

Over the past few decades, moving to Gurgaon, you get to know that the city has rapidly grown from a sleepy village into one of India’s most well-reputed cities. With gleaming skyscrapers dotting the skyline and top MNCs setting up offices, it has emerged as a cosmopolitan business epicenter. Gurgaon is a rare example of efficient private-sector-driven urban development, providing excellent infrastructure like smooth roads, uninterrupted electricity, and piped gas. Consequently, it has the third highest per capita income, offering an elevated lifestyle with shopping malls, entertainment hubs, and amicable housing societies. This modern millennial city symbolizes the nation’s economic liberalization and entry onto the global stage.

What to Keep in Mind when Moving to Gurgaon

While Gurgaon offers professional fulfillment and urban comforts, keep these key things in mind before relocating:

  • Manage your expectations regarding the extreme hot and cold climate. Make necessary living arrangements.
  • Brace for traffic congestion and plan your commute considering peak hours. Use public transport like the metro and rapid transport buses.
  • Gurgaon has hard water. Consider installing a water softener.
  • Pollution levels can be high on some days. Be prepared with masks and air purifiers.
  • There are power outages occasionally. Back-up provisions like inverters and generators are wise.
  • Make proper housing selections. Avoid flooding zones during monsoons.

Why Make the Move with India Relocations

Relocating to a new city can get extremely stressful without the right guidance. As industry experts with over 36 years of experience, India Relocations can significantly ease your shifting process:

  • Assist in paperwork – documentation, changing IDs, opening bank accounts, etc.
  • Recommend suburbs to live in considering commuting to your workplace
  • Guide in hiring packers and movers, provide shifting supply kits
  • Share contacts for home set-up – electrician, plumber, laundry, broadband internet, etc.
  • Help find recommended schools’ extra-curricular activities for kids
  • Arrange temporary hotels/serviced apartments if needed
  • Organize airport pick-ups and orientation tours of Gurgaon

With end-to-end relocation assistance for a hassle-free experience, India Relocations is your go-to relocation partner.

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