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Iconic Gol Ghar in the layout and beauty of Patna
Immerse yourself in the historical charm of Patna with the iconic Gol Ghar.


Introduction- Moving to Patna

Are you moving to Patna, the capital of the Indian state Bihar, is a historic city located on the south bank of the Ganges river. As one of the oldest inhabited places globally with over 2,500 years of history, Patna offers an engaging blend of ancient monuments, vibrant culture, and modern development. Its strategic location and affordable cost of living also make Patna a popular destination for migrants and businesses. If you are looking to relocate to India, moving to Patna provides an authentic Indian experience rooted in tradition while rapidly modernizing as a regional hub.


Moving to Patna, you get to experience a humid subtropical climate marked by very hot, prolonged summers from April to mid-June when temperatures breach 40°C at times and moderately cool, dry winters from November to February. The monsoon months of July to September bring high rainfall with oppressive heat and humidity. While the summer heat tests tolerance levels, the pollution and frequent power cuts pose a challenge, too. That said, central air conditioning makes interiors comfortable. Light woolens suffice for the short winters. Overall, the extremes demand resilience, but most people adjust over time.

Places to Explore After Moivng to Patna

History buffs will love the rich architectural heritage spanning Mauryan Empire sites like Kumhrar and Mughal constructions like Patna Fort and the Golghar granary. The Mahavir Mandir and Patan Devi temples exhibit remarkable stonework alongside intricate carvings. Nature lovers can enjoy scenic Gandhi Maidan or relax by Danapur Lake, while the Sangurha Museum of Anthropology & Archaeology makes for an intriguing anthropological study with ancient coins, sculptures, and tribal artifacts. The Sabzibagh area offers quaint cafes, good restaurants, and beautiful gardens for hangouts.

What to Do After Moving to Patna

As a growing metropolis, moving to Patna offer plenty of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. The old city bazaars sell everything from glittery bridal wear to fresh vegetables alongside delicious street food like samosas and kachori. Multiplex cinemas screen the latest Bollywood movies while clubs play Hindi music for dancing the night away. The Gandhi Maidan hosts open-air concerts, fairs, and political events. Famed local delicacies to try to include litti-chokha and delicious sweets from shops around Mahavir Mandir temple. The riverfront offers scenic early-morning walks to escape the urban chaos. With religious festivals celebrated in grand style and impromptu neighborhood celebrations, boredom is unlikely in Patna’s vibrant socio-cultural environment.

Why Patna is Famous

Patna earned global fame by being the capital of major Indian empires across history, from the mighty Magadha kingdom to the Mauryan and Gupta dynasties. It was also a prominent trade center between South and Central Asia under past rulers. Home to Nalanda University in antiquity and now central Bihar, Patna remains an influential political and commercial hub. Culturally, the city pioneered India’s distinct Mithila style of painting. It also produces much of India’s exotic traditional confectionary, most notably the melt-in-mouth peda sweet. As the birthplace of the last Sikh Guru Govind Singh, Patna receives Sikh devotees from around the world.

What to Keep in Mind When Moving to Patna

While moving to Patna, shortlist neighborhoods like Kankarbagh or Patliputra Colony, which have good infrastructure. Check commute time to avoid traffic headaches. Renting near a child’s school or office location is wise. Get ready for extreme weather conditions unique to the region. Backup power facilities like inverters and solar panels are a must to handle frequent outages. Do leisurely grocery runs at trusted stores until you identify hygienic local vendors. Preference for home delivery and pre-planned outings works well. Setting up house help and car pick-up/drops also aids transition. Focusing on positive aspects like friendly, helpful neighbors can make moving easier.

Why Make the Move to Patna with India Relocations

Moving to Patna itself brings massive adjustments without considering international relocations’ added intricacies. A reliable relocation service like India Relocations minimizes key challenges from immigration procedures, shipment, and insurance to integrating into new locations through their customs support for every situation. Their expertise with Indian state-specific rules and policies makes paperwork smooth, while in-country associates assist in area orientation and setup. Packaging guidance allows the proper sending of vehicles, pets, and valued possessions. With end-to-end relocation orchestration, expats can simply enjoy becoming Patnaites while India Relocations handles shifting peculiarities. You also gain friendships with fellow expat members, heralding the support network vital for a successful relocation.

In summary, moving to Patna offers a blast from the past via ancient architecture and heart-warming signature sweets blended with swanky malls and multiplexes mirroring India’s transformation, not to mention the unfailing warmth of Biharis. Together with a specialized relocation agency like India Relocations easing your move, adjusting to Patna promises to be a rewarding adventure.

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